How & Why Ayurveda Became More Popular In Foreign Countries Than India

The Ayurveda was not preferred earlier in the medical systems of our nation. Although Ayurveda has gained some limited importance for almost a decade, even today, Ayurveda remains an alternative medical system in India. So is this enough for Ayurveda? Is this satisfactory for Ayurveda? After all, what happened that Ayurveda became more popular abroad than in its birthplace India, how did it become very popular there?

On last Dhanteras Mr. Lovekush Singh (B. Ph-Ayu., CTCR, PGDHM, MBA-Hospital & Healthcare Administration Specialist) Chairman of Anupam Group India will share all the reasons with appropriate information based on the reports and evidence available to you. We will connect them with you via video broadcast on YouTube and Facebook.

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