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Anupam Group India

Anupam Group India (Business beyond AGI). Basically Anupam Group India is New Delhi based organisation was founded in 2012, with business services & corporate office by operational purpose. AGI operate the business under total four (4) divisions of itself.

1. Anupam Group India:-

For business management & total corporate operations for all divisions.

2. Anup Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd:-

A manufacturing unit for own research based and approved patent/proprietary herbal medicines.

3. Anupam Pharmaceutical:-

A trading unit of Anup Pharmaceutical under Anupam Group India.

4. Anupam Holistic Health Care:-

A health care division (OPD) under Anupam Group India

5. Anupam Infotech:-

A Global IT Revolution under Anupam Group India

Industrial Building
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