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Founder Chairman and CEO of Anupam Group India, Corporate Busines Administration & Management

An Indian entrepreneur, aims to promoting and keeping alive the science of Ayurveda in human beings through holistic treatment and best Ayurvedic medicines to keep human life healthy and A leading corporate business management and administrator.

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Educational life

My primary education was in first grade school. During my school's studies, I got good education and made many achievements. Time passed slowly and when I entered high school, I got infected by a deadly disease and my education work was more likely to be disrupted. However, with the kind support and encouragement of the school vice-principal, I was able to take admission and appear in the examination. With this support, my education was resumed smoothly. After the completion of my high school exams, when I joined the school for senior secondary education (12th standard), I faced many problems. The challenge was to answer life's questions. I had to go on a better path for my future for which I entered science maths class with the aim of making my future in the field of engineering. After successful completion of higher education, I was very eager to go to the next stage of my life as per my plan, so some topics were discussed in the family and I changed my decision and took admission in Asia's top renowned university in Ayurveda & health stream called “Gujarat Ayurved University”. This proved to be the turning point of my life. So I again faced many challenges and then I accepted those challenges as well. After graduation, I returned to my home in Delhi and entered the clinical research and testing field with the aim of advanced studies. With a high aim of achieving the heights of life, I joined the college for postgraduate studies (MBA in Hospital and Health Care Management). On the other hand, I successfully completed the clinical research exam. Now I am also preparing for PhD, and want to do PhD as much as possible.

My Job & Business

I have always been interested in self employment. In regards to this concern, my grandfather used to give a lot of information about it. But now it was time to give dimension to that knowledge. I thought of getting a better job than doing a job. But for this an organization was needed. So in the beginning I formed an organization named Anupam Group India. Now it needs money. So I started working with the aim of earning money. For which I first came to Kanpur from Delhi and got appointed as an assistant manager in a pharmaceutical company, but after a few days I was appointed as a research officer in another pharma company based in Delhi NRC. Now I was earning good money and could use that money in my organization. So I started an NGO in addition to my organization named Anupam Children Welfare Association, however, due to some internal reasons it had to be closed permanently after a very short period of time. On 16 November 2016, I established a holistic health care center named Anupam Holistic Health Care as the first division of AGI. Where patients are advised to treat many diseases due to their healthy lifestyle and exposure to Ayurveda treatment. This is a free consultation every Sunday. My organization has been treating and curing many serious diseases regardless of their ability to pay. Many Ayurveda experts and practitioners are focusing on the ability to pay for common and some serious ailments. But Anupam Group India is organizing free treatment camps in collaboration with various organizations. On 07-Apr-2017 I was appointed on a contractual employment basis at All India Institute of Ayurveda, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, New Delhi and my tenure is till March 2019. I had left this job for the better future of my organization. Because the time has come to "make the dream come true". It is pleasant to mention here that Anupam Group India also has 2nd, 3rd and 4th divisions as its success. To know the composition of the company, visit the company's website.

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